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Academic Achievements


Appreciation Letters from C.M. 2018

Ansu Bagri
Gourika Mishra
Soumya Tantiya




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ICSE and ISC 2017 -Result Analysis 2017


ICSE Toppers

2017-2018 Soumya Tantiya 97.8%
2016-2017 Khushboo Lohoti 97.2%
2014-2015 Kirti Jethalia 98.0%
2013-2014 Chandrika Mohta 94.6%
2012-2013 Ridhi Lakhotia 96.6%
2011-2012 Nidhi Chandak 98.6% Bengal Topper
And 2nd in All India
2010-2011 Drishti Agarwal 95.6%
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ISC Toppers

2017-2018 Ansu Bagri 97.75%
2016-2017 Kirti Jethalia 95.75%
2014-2015 Ridhi Lakhotia 98.0%
2013-2014 Nidhi Chandak 98.50%
2012-2013 Dristi Agarwal 96.75%
2011-2012 Madhuri Anchalia 93.25%
2010-2011 Ruchika Agarwal 97.0%
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To prepare dynamic and caring citizens who will meet the challenges of a global society while retaining their traditional value inculcating highest standard of Moral and Social values.

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Student and Prefects' Council

Student Council
Student Council is comprised of:
Head Girl, School Captain, House Captain and Vice Captain.

Prefects' Council:
The Prefects' Council is made up of the School Captain, Vice School Captain, House Captains, House Vice Captains and House Prefects. The Prefects of the school are selected by the faculty and the House staff. The members of the Prefects' Council works as a team to uphold rules and regulations of the school. Through their work they learn that with authority comes great responsibilities and challenges.