Maheshwari Girls' School

(A Unit of The Maheshwari Sabha Trust)
273, Rabindra Sarani, Kolkata - 700006
ESTD : 1986

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Special Initiatives

The Maheshwari Girls’ School is unique in its approach as it tries to inculcate a healthy respect for Indian traditions and values in the students’ minds all the while grooming them to become responsible global citizens.
The School strikes a fine balance between Indian traditions and challenges posed by the modern technology driven world.


Continuous Teacher Orientation and Training

Our teaching faculty comprises of caring, dedicated and knowledgable educators who prefer to form, rather than inform, minds. Regular in-service training is provided in order to upgrade teaching skills and to stay abreast of the latest in pedagogy.



We have in-house trained and qualified counsellor who help students to cope with emotional and psychological stress. They are taught how to deal with academic pressures.


Tertiary Educational Counselling

The students of classes IX to XII attend sessions with professional career counsellor to help them understand the various career choices and avenues opened to them.


Research and Development Cell

A team of teachers have been developing new and innovative techniques to facilitate learning. The curriculum is designed such that the learning generates thinking, taking mental skills from a lower level of knowledge to a higher level of analysis and synthesis. This cell works towards formative assessment giving each pupil the opportunity to perform better, with teachers acting as guides and mentors.


Parent-Teacher Partnership

It is our belief that education is best achieved when it involves a three-way process between the child, educator and parent. In keeping with this policy, the school maintains a channel of communication with the parents through regular counselling and interactive sessions, welcoming the parents to visit the school. Open House allows parents to engage in frank discussions with the Principal, Vice Principal, and teachers about their wards’ progress. It is only then the school and the parents understand and support each other that effective education can take place.


Life Skill Training

Students have regular training sessions to groom them into responsible citizens. Structured sessions on leadership skills, communication skills, decision making and thinking skills, study skills are held throughout the school.

May 2024
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  • 273, Rabindra Sarani, Kolkata - 700 006 West Bengal, India
  • +91 33 2259 3726

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